Cotton: Biden Admin. Won’t Give Specific Numbers on People in Afghanistan So They Can Dodge Accountability

On Thursday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said the Biden administration won’t give specific numbers on the number of people still in Afghanistan because they don’t want a number they can be held accountable for and “just want the whole thing to disappear.”

Cotton said, “[T]he Biden administration doesn’t want to be held responsible to a baseline number. If they came out and said, down to the exact number or within 25 or 50, they would be held responsible for that. If they just give this wide range of hundreds or thousands, then they can continue to say that we got almost everyone out or got out who wants to get out.”

He added, “The last thing this administration wants is accountability for the fiasco in Afghanistan, a specific number against which they can be held accountable. They just want the whole thing to disappear. They want to act like it was an extraordinary success, as Joe Biden said, bafflingly, and they want to move on to their reckless and partisan tax and spending bill.”

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