Ron Johnson: Biden Was ‘Aided and Abetted by the Mainstream Media’ Coverage of Border Crisis

Tuesday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) slammed President Joe Biden and the media for the ongoing crisis at the border.

Johnson told FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that Biden “is the root cause” of the problem at the border but also said the media has “aided and abetted” the president by not holding him accountable.

“This is a self-inflicted wound, created by President Biden,” Johnson said of the situation at the border. “I mean, he is the root cause of this problem, but he’s been aided and abetted by the mainstream media and the social media who are covering up for them. They’ve enabled all of these disasters. And so, you know, the accountability has to come in November of 2022. I wish it would come sooner than that, but it does not look like this administration is changing course whatsoever. And, of course, they are all concerned about COVID doing a miserable job, quite honestly, managing it, but they are completely unconcerned about people with COVID coming across the border. They are completely unconcerned about all of the people coming across the border, quite honestly. They are encouraging it.”

“And so again, this is a crisis caused by President Biden, by his policies, and the accountability has got to come in November 2022 where we have to sweep Democrats from power,” he continued. “They have enabled these crises. They need to be swept from power in 2022.”

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