Dem Rep. Thompson: ‘We Have Information’ Individuals Were Planning ‘Insurrection’ in April 2020

Representative Bennie Thompson (D-MS), chair of the House Select Committee investigating January 6, said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that his committee had “information” that individuals were planning in anticipation of the election not going their way.

Thompson said, “Clearly, a lot of us at this point feel that had January 6 been successful, this democracy would not be what it is today. So we came real close. So by getting this information, we think it will provide the necessary direction for us to correct it so that the military or no other branch of government can be used against American citizens.”

Maddow said, “In some cases, you’re asking for information going all the way back specifically to April 2020. Requests for information about basically planning to try to undermine election results, going back as far as April 2020. I just have to ask you, what was going on as far back as April 2020 that you want records from that early?”

Thompson said, “Well, we have information that I can’t share with you at this point that individuals were planning in anticipation of the election not going their way. By getting access to this information, we’ll be able to prove it.”

He continued, “We want to find out from the people who took out the permits for January 6, the march. We want to make sure that those individuals who financed individuals coming here, that we talk to them. There are a lot of information that we will need, and that’s why we did a significant wide net casting effort with this first letter.”

Thompson added, “You know when the president of the United States invite people to come on a particular day and in that invitation says it’s going to be wild, that causes the committee and a lot of other patriotic Americans real concern because, in America, we’re supposed to settle our differences at the ballot box. not with an insurrection or anything like that. We are not a tin-horn dictatorship. We’re the United States of America.”

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