Mary Trump: The Republican Party Has ‘White Supremacy’ As One of its Major Platforms

Former President Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports” that the Republican Party has as one of its major platform items “the idea of white supremacy.”

Witt said, “I want to talk about your new book ‘The Reckoning.’ Describe the reckoning you say our country is going through, and are we still going through it today?”

Trump said, “Unfortunately, yes, we are still going through it. We will be for the foreseeable future because we are in the midst of three very serious crises. We’re looking at our fourth massive wave of COVID, economic fallout from the last year and a half, and we’re still in a serious political crisis where democracy is on the brink, I believe.”

She continued, “The reckoning that I believe needs to happen is, one, we need to start holding powerful men accountable, powerful white men usually because they never have been in this country. How is it possible that time after time, we let our elected officials, who have committed treason or unconstitutional behavior get off the hook? If somebody who incited an armed insurrection isn’t held accountable, whoever will be and what message does that send? Tied to that the fact white supremacy has existed in this country since its inception and not only have we never atoned for it we never acknowledged it and, therefore, it’s allowed to continue. The Republican Party has one of its major platforms, the idea of white supremacy. We need to look this squarely in the face. Otherwise I’m afraid nothing will change. In fact, things will get worse.”

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