MSNBC’s Johnson: Republicans Back Police When They’re ‘Beating Up Black Folks,’ Supporting White Ethnostate

MSNBC’s Jason Johnson said Thursday on “Deadline” that the Republican Party only supports the police when they are “beating up black folks.” in support of “a white nationalist ethnostate.”

Johnson said, “I know exactly where we are. It doesn’t shock me. It’s not hypocritical. It’s actually very consistent for the Republican Party for the last ten years or so. Of course, they support police officers when you’re beating up black folks. Of course, they support the Blue when it’s Black Lives Matter. But they don’t like the police if the police stand for order in the face of white nationalism. They don’t like the police if the police stand for order against an authoritarian government that they desire. And that’s what this boils down to.”

He added, “The Republicans simply want power. They want a white nationalist ethnostate. That’s what they want. They’re not subtle about it. Every voting legislation, every war they voted for, that is what they have been about ever since Donald Trump got the nomination. And they don’t care who they have to sacrifice, whether that’s people in central Texas having to die over COVID or police officers in the Capitol. They don’t care who dies. They don’t care if it’s kids in Sandy Hook as long as it is about accruing power to a white nationalist ethnostate.”

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