FBN’s Varney Slams Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott: ‘What a Cheap Shot’ — ‘Just Going After Israel’

Fox Business Network “Varney & Company” host Stuart Varney reacted to ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s announced plans to boycott Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

In announcing the boycott, the company stated, “We believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).”

Varney slammed the decision by Ben & Jerry’s, calling it a “cheap shot.” He questioned why the ice cream company would join in with the socialists in their “economic war on Israel.”

“What a cheap shot,” Varney declared. “Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t want its ice cream to be sold in some parts of Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. The only democracy in the Middle East. The only country enjoying the rule of law, a decades-long ally of the United States, and these multimillionaire socialists from Vermont will boycott. Their statement says selling ice cream there is, quote, ‘inconsistent with our values.’ I wonder if they will keep selling in Hong Kong now that the Chinese communists have crushed its freedoms? Or Russia? Myanmar? Or any other country blatantly flouting human rights. Nah, they’re just going after Israel.”

He continued, “Ben & Jerry’s announced their boycott right after congresswoman Rashida Tlaib viciously attacked Israel. She said they were bombing Palestinians while they sleep. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are Ben and Jerry founders. Are they doing the bidding of The Squad and their fellow socialist from Vermont, Senator Bernie Sanders? It sure looks like it. Once again, the far-left has embarrassed our country. Ice cream guys jump into the headlines with a cheap gesture that guarantees more division, more hostility. You may think this is a minor issue. It’s not. The socialists are engaged in an economic war on Israel. I hope they lose. I hope Ben and Jerry’s loses.”

“I’m not watching the Olympics if I’m going to see our athletes insult our country, and I’m not buying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream when they insult a great democracy,” Varney concluded.

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