Cotton: Russia Pipeline ‘a Terrible Mistake’ — ‘Another Example of the Pathetic Appeasement of Joe Biden for Vladimir Putin’

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Wednesday sounded off on the Biden administration’s agreement with Germany which would allow for the completion of the  Russian Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

Cotton said the agreement is a “terrible mistake,” which he noted is “opposed by both parties in Congress.” He added it is “another example of the pathetic appeasement of Joe Biden for Vladimir Putin.”

“Harris, this is a terrible mistake. It’s a mistake that’s opposed by both parties in Congress. It’s just another example of the pathetic appeasement of Joe Biden for Vladimir Putin,” Cotton declared.

He warned the consequences would “cost American jobs,” hurt the United States’ leverage over Russia and damage the relationship with Poland and Ukraine.

“[F]irst, it’s going to cost American jobs,” Cotton outlined. “We produce natural gas in this country in enough quantities that we can export it. We could be selling our gas to Germany and western Europe. Now, Vladimir Putin’s going to sell it to Europe. Second, it’ll hook Germany and other western European countries even more deeply on Russian gas, which means we won’t have as much leverage over Russia in tough times. And third, it badly undercuts our allies and partners in eastern Europe like Poland and Ukraine, who Joe Biden is now apparently pressuring to stay silent.”

He added, “I mean, we have been around long enough that we remember whenever putting any kind of pressure, even asking Ukraine for something was grounds for impeachment, Harris. So, this is a terrible mistake. Just another example of Joe Biden appeasing Vladimir Putin.”

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