CNN: ‘Panic’ over Critical Race Theory in Schools ‘Based on Misinformation’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” CNN Correspondent Elle Reeve said that the “conflict and panic” over Critical Race Theory in schools is “based on misinformation,” and “propaganda” from conservatives.

During the report, Reeve spoke to a high school teacher who “discusses CRT in her anthropology class.”

Reeve added that “Critical Race Theory is an academic framework that says racial inequality is perpetuated by the racism embedded in America’s laws, not by individual bigotry. But relentless propaganda from some conservatives has created a panic that white people, and especially white children are under attack.” And that “Anti-CRT propaganda is drawing big crowds.”

She concluded, “And while this conflict and panic is based on misinformation, the fear these people feel is real. We saw a woman cry real tears at the thought that her child was being taught to be ashamed for being white.”

Host Erin Burnett then reacted, “Wow. It’s incredible. But reports like yours make such a difference.”

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