Meeks: Omar’s Grouping U.S and Israel with Terror Groups Is ‘a Policy Position’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) stated that Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) grouping of the United States and Israel with terrorist groups is “a policy position” that she has talked about.

Meeks responded to a question on the censure resolutions against Omar and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) by saying, “Look, my problem with Ms. Greene is — Rep. Greene, and where I think there [are] differences, and she continues to talk, in the past about — look, we’ve got to now go through magnetometers to get in to vote because she has made members feel personally unsafe. That is threatening their personal safety. That’s one thing from a policy position that Ms. Ilhan has talked about. So, there [are] two different things. I can’t equate the two. So, I would hope that, in the long run, we will get away from all of these resolutions back and forth and get back to the business of what we’re supposed to be doing here in the House of Representatives and debating policy, of which we can have differences of opinions on.”

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