McConnell: I Think Someone at IRS Leaked Tax Info to Impact Tax Debate, Reminds Me of Them Targeting Tea Party Groups

On Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated that he believes the disclosure of the tax information of some of the nation’s wealthiest was someone at the IRS leaking the information in order to impact the debate over tax policy and is reminiscent of the IRS targeting Tea Party groups under the Obama administration.

McConnell said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:05] “I have a feeling the Senate majority may not have much interest in it, but certainly, we do. … Back when Obama was president, the IRS was harassing Tea Party groups. Now, they’re breaking the law. Look, either the IRS leaked this or there was a hack. And my guess is the IRS — somebody at the IRS leaked this in order to affect the tax debate and remind people that there are some very wealthy Americans. There are some very wealthy Americans, but it’s important to remember we don’t tax wealth. We tax income. Income is what we tax. But in any event, that’s not the point. Our tax returns are, by law, confidential because of just this kind of shenanigans. These people, ought to, whoever did this, ought to be hunted down and thrown into jail.”

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