Garamendi: Unspent COVID Relief Money ‘Certainly Should’ Be Used to Pay for Infrastructure

On Monday’s “CNN Newsroom,” Rep. John Garamendi (D-CA) stated that while it won’t be enough to pay for all the needed infrastructure spending, unspent coronavirus relief money “certainly should” be used to pay for infrastructure.

Host Poppy Harlow asked, “Why shouldn’t unused COVID relief money be used toward infrastructure?”

Garamendi responded, “Well, it certainly should. But that’s not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is how much are we actually going to spend on the elements of the infrastructure program? How much money do we really need to rebuild our freeways, roads, and streets? How much money do we really need to enhance our public transportation systems, Amtrak? And you go piece by piece, add up each one of those pieces, and you’ll find out that what we spent in the past is woefully inadequate. So, now we’re talking about new money.”

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