GOP Rep. Griffith: ‘We Can Piece Together’ COVID Origin if We Get Transparency from American Entities, ‘Don’t Have to Have 100% from China’

During an interview released on Thursday’s “Fox News Rundown” podcast, Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) said that we don’t need full transparency from China in order to figure out the origin of COVID-19, and we can piece things together if we get full transparency and information from American entities.

Griffith said, “We think that we can piece together — if we can get all of the federal agencies that have a piece of the answer — we can piece together that answer. I mean, EcoHealth Alliance gets money from the federal government. They were funding some of this research. They have information. They’re an American entity. We feel like if we can just get all of the American entities to give us the information, and if some of that needs to be in a secret meeting so that it’s not revealed to the public, fine. But we have the responsibility on Oversight and Investigations to make sure we’re getting all of the information so that we can answer these questions for the American people. So, we don’t have to have 100% from China. What we need is 100% from the agencies in our country that have some of the information, and then we can piece together a pretty good idea of what happened. But right now, they’re stonewalling us.”

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