Dem Rep. Khanna: 100% Will Still Be an Investigation Into 1/6 — ‘This Is Not Disappearing in Any Way’

Representative Ro Khanna (D- CA) said Friday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Democrats would be pursuing a select committee to investigate the January 6 U.S. Capitol riots now that the commission didn’t pass the Senate.

Hayes said, “The next option now becomes a select committee. I would like to hear you talk us through that.”

He added, “Everyone can’t just walk away from this, obviously.”

Khanna said, “Absolutely not, and the speaker has kept it as an option. Look, the speaker bent over backward to try and keep this bipartisan.”

He added, “Now what we’re gonna have is a select committee that will have Republicans on it still, but we’re gonna have the power to subpoena, and we will get the facts. But this is not disappearing in any way.”

Hayes said, “You think there will be forward movement on some select committee, that is basically clear, right?”

Khanna said, “One-hundred percent there will be a select committee. There will be an investigation. You know, that’s the thing. It’s not the Republicans are making a rational choice like this won’t be in news. It’s just pure pandering to Trump and the base. If Trump is against the committee, they are against the committee. They are not even a rational actor.”

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