GOP Rep. Rogers Warns Russia-Ukraine, China-Taiwan Two Hotspots that Could Be Problems for the U.S.

During an interview that aired Tuesday on Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), the ranking Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, pointed to Eastern Europe and the Taiwan Strait as potential problem areas that could ultimately be a concern for the U.S. military.

The Alabama Republican lawmaker said both China and Russia could act as aggressors against Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively, which could draw the United States into a potential armed conflict.

“I’m less worried about what’s going on [in Israel] from a standpoint of our military than I am what’s going on on the eastern border of Ukraine, where Russia has mounted about 80,000 troops — 80,000 active-duty troops. It looks like to me they’re planning on an invasion just like they did with Obama when they went in and took Crimea, and Obama didn’t do anything except run his mouth. I think they see another administration that will take the same approach. So they want to get more of Ukraine, if not all of it, back into their sphere. So, I’m very worried about that.”

“But I’m just as worried about Taiwan and China,” Rogers added. “You know, China has really positioned themselves to go after bringing Taiwan back under their control. That can easily suck us into a serious situation. So those are two I’m more concerned about than anything in the Middle East right now. Obviously, Iran is somebody we have to pay attention to and their mischief over there. But the two daunting ones to me are Taiwan and Ukraine. Those can turn into problems for this country real fast.”

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