Meghan McCain: Andrew Breitbart Was the Pioneer on Conservatives Embracing Culture War Fight 

Meghan McCain told her co-hosts Thursday on ABC’s “The View” that Andrew Breitbart was a pioneer in knowing conservatives and Republicans “have to fight the culture war.”

McCain said, “Andrew Breitbart is a figure on the right who passed away about ten ago.”

Citing no examples or evidence, she asserted, “He’s nothing like the way his website is now. The name Breitbart has been turned into this sort of extreme Trump organization.”

McCain continued, “He was really compelling on what his message was when he was alive, which was that conservatives and Republicans have to also fight the culture war on the ground up. We have quite frankly done a piss poor job of explaining why we’re conservative, why we believe in small government, why the ideals of William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan are a better way to run the government, explaining our successes. Unfortunately, the more radical elements of the party get the most attention. The most psychotic and crazy, the Matt Gaetz of the party end up sucking up the oxygen.”

She added, “All of us have to do a better job. I say this as a conservative on mainstream media we have to start fighting these battles on in uncomfortable spaces. It can’t only be on Newsmax and Fox News. We have to go into spaces people don’t like us and explain and proselytize and get people to understand why we believe what we believe because right now all of you are right — we are losing the culture war, and it’s a big problem.”

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