GOP Rep. Hice on COVID Relief Bill: ‘There’s so Much That’s Just Outright Wrong’

Monday, Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) voiced his criticism of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief “monstrosity” which passed the Senate over the weekend.

Hice told FNC’s “Fox & Friends First” that “there’s so much in this bill that’s just outright wrong” because so little of it “actually goes to COVID relief.” According to the Georgia congressman, the bill should be aimed at helping the country get out of the pandemic.

“Where do you begin? There’s so much in this bill that’s just outright wrong, $1.9 trillion, less than nine percent of it actually goes to COVID relief,” Hice asserted. “It’s filled with bailout programs — $350 billion going to bail out states. We have money going for a rapid transit system in Pelosi’s district, a bridge in Schumer’s district, $128 billion for schools over the next seven years. Only 5% going to schools right now. The pandemic is going to be over by the end of the year, and yet we’re going to be paying schools for seven more years. There’s money for the endowment of the arts, Amtrak. It just goes on and on. … Americans are going to get $1,400, but this is going to cost them $5,700 apiece. So, the American people are losing $4,300 with this $1.9 trillion monstrosity.”

“The effort needs to be directed towards coming out of this pandemic and restoring the livelihoods of both individuals and businesses, and this bill does nothing of the sort. This is a continued pathway of bankrupting our country,” he added.

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