Dem Rep. Espaillat ‘Not Comfortable’ with $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill — Any Bill that Size ‘Will Probably Be Somewhat Embarrassing’

Representative Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) on Thursday said he is “not comfortable” with the Democrats’ proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that includes money for transit projects, illegal immigrants, and other items not related to the virus.

Espaillat conceded on “CNN Newsroom” that any bill that is $1.9 trillion will have “one line that will probably be somewhat embarrassing.” He acknowledged the country is “hurting,” and money directed at helping combat the coronavirus pandemic “would get us back on the right track.”

“I’m saying that in any bill that has $1.9 trillion, there will be one line that will probably be somewhat embarrassing, right,” Espaillat stated.

“You’re saying it’s embarrassing, and that’s $101.5 million of taxpayer money, and I’m just saying — are you comfortable with it?” host Poppy Harlow asked.

“The answer [is] no, I’m not comfortable,” Espaillat replied. “I’m never comfortable with it. But I tell you what I’m comfortable with — I’m comfortable with the fact that the past initiatives came from the Senate, and we had to adjust to them. This is the first time we have a vision that comes from us, from the House, and it’s a robust vision. I think that the American people and the country is hurting, and $1.9 trillion would get us back on the right track.”

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