Meghan McCain: Nikki Haley Asking to Give Trump a Break ‘Most Disgusting Language I’ve Ever Heard’

Meghan McCain told her co-host Wednesday on ABC’s The View” that former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley asking to give former President Donald Trump a “break” on impeachment on Fox News was “disgusting language.”

Discussing the impeachment trial video, McCain said, “One thing that struck me was seeing President Trump talk about Mike Pence at his rally, and cutting to the footage of the people storming the Capitol and the vice president having to be rushed out immediately. Words have ramifications. The rhetoric we put out have ramifications. You can see in realtime what happens when you call Vice President Mike Pence a traitor, and then people are storming the Capitol screaming ‘Traitor Pence.’ It’s something out of a dystopian science fiction movie.”

She continued, “I don’t understand how anyone could vote against impeachment, but I do logically when it comes to the politics— the ethics I don’t understand — but the politics of this is Republicans want to move on. They want to walk the fine line of still being attached to Trump and not being attached to Trump. Nikki Haley said maybe in the most disgusting language I’ve ever heard, ‘Give the guy a break.’ Well, it’s hard for me to give President Trump a break when our vice president could have been killed because of the things he was saying.”

She added, “I think that I would love to see more Republicans come out and do the right thing ethically, but politics is going to come in the middle of this.”

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