Markey: We Can ‘Repeal the Filibuster’ to Pass Biden’s Climate Action — It’s a ‘Planetary Emergency’

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” that Democrats can repeal the filibusters if Senate Republicans refuse to act on President Joe Biden’s climate legislation because it is a “planetary emergency.”

Markey said, “It’s a national emergency. It’s a planetary emergency. The planet is running a fever. They are no emergency rooms for planets, and we have to engage in immediate and bold angst in order to deal with this crisis.”

Anchor Chuck Todd said, “You want to see big, bold action. I get that. You’re also a pretty good vote counter. What do you think are the best incremental steps to start building? There are a chunk of Republicans who are not climate deniers. I know you heard from them privately. What do you think are the best ways to begin an incremental bipartisan group of people on climate issues?”

Markey said, “Ultimately, on climate, the age of incrementalism is over, it’s over. We have to be bold. Today President Biden is announcing the first steps but that’s all they really are, the first steps. We have opportunities in reconciliation packages that will be taken up by the Congress in the next several months. We do that if necessary with 51 votes to pass those pieces of climate-related legislation if the Republicans don’t want to negotiate with Democrats. Ultimately If they try to bring the Senate to a complete halt I believe we have to repeal the filibuster. We have to get this done.”

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