Kaine: If Last Memory of Trump Chaos, Violence, First Memory of Biden Should Be Peaceful Transfer of Power

Tuesday on MSNBC, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) argued the narrative Democrats should put forth regarding the new Biden administration was a departure of “chaos and violence” of the Trump administration to “a peaceful transfer of power” with President-elect Joe Biden.

“Stephanie, I will say, I’m very mindful of what we just saw on January 6,” he said. “And I’ve never really worried about security at the other inaugurations I’ve attended. It is on my mind. But I do think it’s also really important that I be there because I think the beginning of the Biden-Harris administration, if the last memory of the Trump presidency is that descent into chaos and violence on January 6, the first memory of the Biden-Harris administration should be a peaceful transfer of power, with those of us who were part of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, there with them.”

“So my hope is, by going with all my colleagues, we will delineate a sharp break from the Trump era and kick off the Biden-Harris era in a very different way,” he added.

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