Coons: GOP ‘Remains So Enthralled’ by Trump’s ‘Endless Refusal to Accept the Will of the People’

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) reacted to President-elect Joe Biden condemning President Donald Trump and the GOP for contesting the 2020 election results over allegations of voter fraud.

Coons called the ongoing fight “exhausting,” but noted that even Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Biden to congratulate him on his victory in the election. He went on to criticize the GOP for remaining “enthralled” by Trump’s “endless refusal to accept the will of the people.”

“Look, this transition period of the last couple of weeks where there’s been tireless, relentless campaigning and filing of lawsuits to challenge the will of the people, it’s been exhausting,” Coons stated.

“I think it was important [Biden] took a moment to just look clear in the eyes of the American people and say this is a dangerous development,” he continued. “We should not have more than 100 members of the House of Representatives. We should not have this many state attorneys general signing off on a baseless lawsuit to try and overturn the election. We can’t just move on without looking at this for a moment. Even Vladimir Putin of Russia has congratulated Joe Biden as our next president, and yet there are still colleagues of mine here who refuse to recognize that.”

“You brought up Vladimir Putin. What does it tell you that Vladimir Putin publicly acknowledged Biden’s election victory before Senator Mitch McConnell?” host John Berman asked.

“That’s a really striking development,” Coons replied. “Frankly, John, it is a gravely concerning development that the Republican Party remains so enthralled by Donald Trump and President Trump’s endless refusal to accept the will of the people that it frankly puts our democracy at risk, both at home and our reputation abroad.”

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