Sen. Angus King: Without Witnesses Trump ‘Can’t Say He Was Exonerated’

Senator Angus King (I-ME) said Thursday on Fox News that if no witnesses testify during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, he “can’t say he was exonerated.”

King said, “I think the question about witnesses is an important one because from— frankly from the president’s point of view, if this trial winds up in the next 24, 48 hours with no witnesses, he can say, ‘Well, I was acquitted,’ but he really can’t say he was exonerated. I think there will always be an asterisk by this trial, but no witnesses.”

He continued, “I mean, one of the senators last night said we had a judge impeachment about ten years ago. There were 22 witnesses, and we’re having no witnesses in the Senate. It’s never happened before. The American people understand they watch ‘Perry Mason’ and ‘Law & Order,’ you always have witnesses.”

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