David Hogg Touts His ‘Peace Plan’ — ‘Appropriate and Bold Response’ to Gun Deaths in America

Wednesday, March for Our Lives co-founder David Hogg discussed his “Peace Plan,” which is calling for the registration of all guns, implementation of “mandatory” buybacks of certain guns and pushing for other changes in gun laws.

Hogg said the plan is an “appropriate and bold response” to the “massive” amount of gun violence in the country.

“It is an appropriate and bold response to the massive amount of gun deaths we have every single year in the United States right now,” Hogg told “MSNBC Live” anchor Craig Melvin. “And it’s not a plan looking to get democrats or Republicans elected. it’s looking to get Americans that are morally just leaders elected, that care about people dying across the nation on a daily basis.”

Fellow March for Our Lives co-founder Tyah Roberts challenged politicians, including President Donald Trump who has pushed back against expanding background checks, if they do not like the “Peace Plan” then they need to come up with their own “bold plan.”

“If you don’t agree with us, if you don’t agree with our plan, then come up with your own bold plan,” Roberts stated. “[T]hat’s what we ask of all politicians, really.”

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