Sen. Angus King: U.S.-Iran Situation ‘Ripe’ for the Start of War

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Angus King (I-ME) warned of the issues surrounding the dust-up in the Persian Gulf with Iran, explaining that with all the confusion there is such a scenario that could lead the country into war.

King argued there seemed to be two different approaches within the Trump administration, which he said was a situation “ripe” for the start of a conflict.

“No, I don’t understand the strategy,” King said. “Yes, I do have concerns about where it is going. It is clear, as you point out, the secretary of state and the national security advisor are much more aggressive. They are much more forceful. The president says, ‘Oh, a couple of tankers. No big deal.’ That’s very confusing, and it’s a confusing message to the world and to the Iranians, and it’s just hard to determine. And I think one of the problems, John, that we see in a lot of areas is what’s the strategy? What’s the step that comes the day after tomorrow, not just now? So, I think that is a concern and what really worries me, John, is the secretary of state and John Bolton, the national security advisor are moving us into a position where the president will feel boxed in, and he has to respond in some military way because I don’t think that is his instinct. That’s what’s troubling right now. Wars start sometimes or often by miscalculations and misunderstandings. And this is a situation that’s ripe for that.”

“One side thinks they’re being defensive, the other side thinks, ‘Well, those people are being provocative — we’ve got to strike first,'” he added. “Very dangerous situation. Calm voices are needed in all levels of the administration.”

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