Bruni: I ‘Worry’ Trump’s Using Jack Johnson Pardon ‘as a Distraction’

On Thursday’s “CNN Tonight,” CNN Contributor and New York Times columnist Frank Bruni stated that while President Trump’s posthumous pardon of boxer Jack Johnson appears to be a “kind and big-minded to do,” he worries that Trump is “just using this as a distraction.”

Bruni said, “I mean, it definitely looks like a kind of kind and big-minded thing to do, but I worry that he’s just using this as a distraction. I mean, if we’re looking at the record and the history of Donald Trump, the number of times he has done race-baiting things, outright racist things, they aren’t erased by this one gesture. And I think he sat there thinking, ‘Hmm, I’m going to really show them a different Donald Trump right now,’ and I’m not persuaded.”

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