ESPN’s Kellerman: Eagles Should Visit WH If Comfortable with President Who Has ‘Demonized Immigrants’

Friday during an ESPN “First Take” debate about whether the Philadelphia Eagles should visit the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl LII victory, co-host Max Kellerman went on an unhinged rant about why the team should go, including if the team is “comfortable” visiting a president who has “demonized immigrants” and has “used the office for personal enrichment.”

Partial transcript of Kellerman as follows:

Should the Eagles go to the White House? Absolutely they should — if they are comfortable with a chief executive who has undermined the institutions that have preserved the American way: a free press, an independent Justice Department, et cetera. If they are comfortable with that, then they should go. If they are comfortable with a chief executive who has demonized immigrants, they should go to the White House. Absolutely they should go.

If they are comfortable with a president who has repeatedly and brazenly lied since taking office over 3,000 times, by the count of independent counters of these things, then they should go. If they are comfortable with a chief executive whose business associates have been indicted at an unprecedented rate, then they should go — with a chief executive who used the office for personal enrichment, then sure, they should go.

And with a chief executive who has an ongoing investigation into his administration, then they should go to the White House. I won’t even bring up appeals to ethno-nationalism, or anything like that. If they are comfortable with that chief executive, then they should by all means normalize the existence of that kind of administration by attending the White House, sure.

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