Mo Brooks: ‘Debt Junkie’s Dream’ Budget ‘the Worst Piece of Legislation I Have Voted on’

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) stated that the budget passed by Congress last week is the worst legislation he’s voted on in his time in Congress and no other bill is close.

Brooks said, “Do I have reservations about busting through the spending caps last week and non-defense matters? Absolutely.” He continued that it’s “craziness” that the compromise was higher than what the Democrats wanted.

He added, “I have reservations about the threat that poses to the United States of America going forward. I have reservations about the impact that’s going to have on the stock market. You’ve already seen a depressing effect there. I have reservations about escalating interest rates that are going to make it more costly to do business, for people to buy homes. There are a lot of cascading effects to what was done last week. In my judgment, it was the worst piece of legislation I have voted on since I’ve been in the United States Congress and there’s not another bill that’s a close second. That’s how bad that debt junkie’s dream bill was last week.”

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