ESPN’s Le Batard: ‘Confusing’ Cam Newton Lost Sponsorship Over Remarks But Trump Got Elected

Friday, ESPN Radio “The Dan Le Batard Show” host Dan Le Batard reacted to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton losing his sponsorship deal with Dannon Yogurt as part of the fallout from telling a female reporter he found it “funny” to hear her talk about routes.

Le Batard said he does not understand how Newton’s comments became a “scandal” that led to him losing sponsorship while President Donald Trump could say what he said during the 2016  presidential election and still get elected.

“[W]hat’s confusing is, and I don’t know what we are doing with this, Cam Newton, what he says gets scandal, apology and lost sponsorship, and what Trump says doesn’t even stop him from getting elected. And it’s like, I don’t know to do with that — get out of here,” Le Batard said while laughing.

He continued, “If Cam had said what the president of the United States said while running for election, and he got elected anyway, he survived that and it’s his only apology on record. It’s the only apology for anything that we found anywhere, but his apology was enough on that to get him elected.”

Le Batard later added that he marvels “very often” how little Trump has ever apologized on record despite calling for apologies so frequently himself.

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