Olbermann: Donald Trump Is Psychologically Unfit to Be President

In his Monday “The Resistance” special commentary for GQ magazine, Keith Olbermann blasted Presidential-Elect Donald Trump for his actions since his election and questioned his mental stability.

“[W]e still await the first serious, sober discussion in our nation’s media about the exact dimensions of and the exact nature of Mr. Trump’s desperate psychological impairment,” Olbermann began.

He continued, “This is not funny, and this is not ego and this is not ‘Oh, he just speaks his mind.’ This is an existential threat to the United States of America. The President-Elect Donald Trump is manifestly, profoundly and dangerously psychologically imbalanced. The sooner we acknowledge this, the greater the chances we have of averting a disaster which could threaten the safety of every American, indeed of everybody on this planet.”

Olbermann later said that a “sane man” would not want the nation to heal its divisions on Wednesday, and then insulting the Democratic party on the Saturday after, adding that a “sane man” would not leave the option for a recount open and then call a recount demanded by others a “scam.”

“These are not words of sanity!” Olbermann shouted before comparing Trump’s words to those of Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler.

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