Olbermann: Trump Presidency Would Be ‘Putin-Style Dictatorship’

During Monday’s “The Closer,” GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump telling opponent Hillary Clinton in Sunday’s debate that she would be in jail if he was elected.

“Make no mistake what you heard between the sniffs and the snorts and the mindless wandering around the stage,” Olbermann said. “You heard a would-be president of the United States… threaten to not merely defeat his opponent, but to put her in prison… Make no mistake what you heard. There are no other conclusions here, Trump, are there? It is not the presidency you are running for… The kind of presidency you want to have, Trump, already exists; it is called a Putin-style dictatorship. And the kind of America you want to lead, Trump, is not the America we live in now. This other America already exists. It is called Russia.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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