Cotton: ‘Appalling’ to Consider US Embassies in Teheran, Havana Before Jerusalem

On Monday’s broadcast of “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Sen-elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) explained to fill-in host Lanhee Chen why President Barack Obama’s direction in foreign policy regarding Iran was wrong.

According to Cotton, Obama’s priorities regarding Cuba, Iran and Israel were out of whack.

“I think it’s appalling that President Obama would consider putting an embassy in Teheran, or for that matter Havana, before he puts one in Jerusalem,” Cotton said. “I think it’s just a continued example of how he’s weak and soft on our adversaries to whom he grants concessions, and yet harsh on our allies to countries like Israel. But also, who’s to say if we put an embassy there, we’ll keep it? The last time we had an embassy there against the very same thuggish theocratic regime that we have in now, they invaded our embassy and held Americans hostage for over a year. Until the regime changes in Iran, we shouldn’t be putting an embassy there. We shouldn’t be giving them any assistance. We should be focused on protecting American interest.”

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