Dallas Police Call Suspicious Package a ‘Hoax Bomb,’ Investigation Launched

Dallas Police - File Photo - AFP
File Photo: AFP

Dallas police officers evacuated the Jack Evans Police Headquarters building after a “suspicious package” was found. Bomb squad techs and fire department hazmat crews determined the package to be a “hoax bomb.”

FINAL UPDATE: 12: 40 p.m.: Dallas police Tweeted hazmat crews determined the liquid found in the bottle to be water. Police officials are calling the package a “hoax bomb” and launching an investigation as to who placed it by the headquarters building.

UPDATE: 11:30 a.m.: WFAA’s Rebecca Lopez reported police are allowing people to re-enter the headquarters after Dallas Fire and Rescue hazmat crews determined the suspicious liquid was not a threat. Police reported they were concerned because the bottle was wrapped in tape and had a note attached.

UPDATE: 11:05 a.m.: WFAA’s Rebecca Lopez Tweeted the bomb squad determined the suspicious package is not an explosive device. Dallas Fire and Rescue hazmat crews are now investigating a bottle containing an unknown liquid.

Police officials tweeted the news about the discovery of a suspicious package in the Dallas Police Department headquarters building at about 10:15 a.m. CDT.

A short time later, officials tweeted that everyone had been moved to a safe location.

WFAA reporter Rebecca Lopez reported from the scene that police were given the option of moving to the south side of the building or evacuating to a safe place outside the building. She reported most chose to leave the building. The package is reportedly located on the building’s north side.

Lopez Tweeted that Dallas police offiicals requested media to stop live-stream broadcasts from the scene, citing safety concerns.

Dallas police have come under attack at least two other times in the past year. In July, four Dallas officers and a Dallas Area Rapid Transit police officers were killed by a sniper at the conclusion of a #BlackLivesMatter protest rally, Breitbart Texas reported. Six other officers were wounded in the attack by Micah Xavier Johnson. Dallas police later killed Johnson with an explosive device.

A few days later, police in Dallas locked down their headquarters building after a suspicious person was sighted in the parking garage. Several witnesses reported the suspicious person but investigators were not able to locate the person. The scene was later declared safe by police officials.

In 2015, Jimmy Lee Boulware, 73, attacked the police headquarters in an old armored vehicle. Dallas police reported the man used an automatic rifle and a shotgun to fire indiscriminately on police. Police officers eventually shot and killed the man after a lengthy standoff.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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