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52 Per Cent of Young Britons Delete or Don’t Use NHS Covid Tracing App Properly: Poll

More than half, 52 per cent, of young Britons have downloaded and then either deleted the NHS’s COVID-19 app or have switched it off or avoided checking in. The polling figures come as the UK is set to face a “pingdemic” of people told to isolate at home because they were in proximity to someone infected with the Chinese coronavirus.

The newly launched contact tracing app, which uses Bluetooth technology to alert users if they spend 15 minutes or more within two metres (six feet) of another user who subsequently tests positive for the nove coronavirus COVID-19, is pictured on a smartphone in London on September 24, 2020. - The …

Britons Should Eat Less Meat, Tax Sugar and Salt: UK Govt-Backed Review

Britons should eat one-third less meat, and salt and sugar must be taxed, according to a review commissioned by the government, which also recommends subsidies from the taxpayer to promote the development of “alternative proteins”, which could include lab-grown meat.

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