Sig Sauer P365: Night Sights, 11 Rounds of 9mm in an Ultra-Compact Pistol

Sig Sauer P365: Night Sights, 11 Rounds of 9mm in an Ultra-Compact Pistol
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The Sig Sauer P365 is an ultra-compact pistol that ships from the factory with Sig XRay3 sights and a ten-round magazine, for ten plus one of 9mm ammunition.

The P365 is a striker fired pistol that is 4.3 inches tall and 5.8 inches long. It weighs in at 17.8 ounces.

The pistol is minimalist by design, reducing the chances of snagging the gun on anything in a scenario where it must be drawn quickly for self-defense. And the XRay3 sights allow for quick front sight acquisition day or night, adding another layer of confidence should a self-defense issue arise.

The P365 is designed for concealed carriers. From its light weight to the way the grip sits in the carrier’s hand and the way the gun pulls up on target, the P365 screams every day carry.

Additionally, the P365 is accurate, and we found that it would cycle flawlessly on ammunition that tends to jam many ultra-compact pistols. For example, ammunition with a steel casing that is not perfectly smooth will cause a jam in many guns, including high dollar ones. But the P365 shot everything we fed it without complaint. It never stumbled through 800 rounds, including Hornady Critical Defense, Federal Hydra-Shok, Federal Premium Hydra-Shock Federal Premium Law Enforcement HST, G2Research Civic Defense, Winchester Forged FMJ, and Winchester white box FMJ, among others.

There is a large and growing aftermarket of products for the P365. Holsters by CrossBreed, Bravo Concealment, Galco Gun Leather, and many others are available. And Sig Sauer offers a super compact, minimalist inside-the-waistband holster for the P365 as well.

True Precision offers a threaded barrel for the P365, enabling the pistol to accept suppressors. And Sig Sauer sells 12-round magazines for the P365. This adds slightly to the pistol’s height while delivering 12 plus one, for 13 rounds, in an ultra-compact pistol.

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